Leadvisors Capital Management
About Us

About Us


Established in 2006, Leadvisors Capital Management is one of the first security fund management companies in Vietnam. Under the umbrella of Leadvisors Capital Group, LCM has fully utilized its resources, experience, prestige, financial strength and strategic partnerships with large financial institutions, which has created its competitive advantage in Vietnam financial market. LCM offered specialized services for wealthy individuals and institutional investors in order to maximize profits and minimize risks through investment trust.


Leadvisors is an investment group focused on generating competitive attractive returns for investors, adding value to investee companies, and providing a desirable workplace for employees.  The company is driven by a long-term commitment to responsible development of the environment, society, and economy of Vietnam.

We recognise that environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues can influence investment risk and thus portfolio performance.  We believe that taking a strategic, long-term approach to responsible investing will create sustainable value for our company, our stakeholders, and the wider community, not just in an economic sense but also in the ESG context.


Ordinary investment firm creates values based on data analysis and market research. At Leadvisors, we create distinctive values by putting ourselves in shoes of our companies’ founders. Sometimes we suit up like professional investment bankers, but most of the time, we are in jeans and t-shirts going from our printing shops to garment factories to construction fields.
We spend much of our time and resources at offices of our portfolio’s companies helping them moving forward and achieving long term successes. We invest in companies that we would like to keep for decades and build long-standing partnerships with the founders we wish to have as our family members.
Our style requires exceptional founder(s) with hungry attitude, winning mentality, and strong work ethics. We push beyond the limit when we see potentials, but we will not hesitate to say “No” when we see the boat is off the course. Sometimes, it is not for everyone, but those who know us, believe and grow.

OUR people

Leadvisors is a learning organization. We learn from our failures and successes. We learn from history. And we learn from each others. Our team is small but exceptional, combination of both young professionals and seasoned senior executives.

We prefer a few people with diverse skills sets and backgrounds to execute strategies and deliver outstanding performances. Our critical success factors comes from decade of market in-depth know-how with our founders helping us helping each other.